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The Van Dyke Dance Group ~
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The Van Dyke Dance Group is a division of Dance Project, Inc., a non-profit organization under the direction of Jan Van Dyke, with three activities: a statewide dance festival, a dance school and a professional dance company.

Van Dyke's choreography, known for dynamic energy and rhythmic precision, seems to live within its musical form, bringing both the movement and the music to a new plane. Her dances are highly structured and meticulously crafted while the movement vocabulary is quick, vigorous and driving.

THE WASHINGTON POST has described her use of form as "...immaculate. Thematic variation and recapitulation, counterpoint and consonance occur so naturally that one is hardly aware of the strict structure until the end."

DANCE MAGAZINE has written "Van Dyke builds intense anticipation and escalating climax through interwoven designs of rhythmic movement and variations in timing, ending each work powerfully on a single image of finality."

A   n   n   o   u   n   c   e   m   e   n   t   s

An Important Message from the Dance Project Staff
Posted: Monday May 11, 2015 2:24 pm

We wanted to let you know that Jan Van Dyke, our Artistic Director, has ended chemotherapy and has entered hospice care. She is at home, working on an article on gender in dance, and finishing up choreography, and would enjoy getting news, cards and e-mails from old friends. Plans for the transition in leadership are underway and will be announced when they are in place.

Greenhill Show Coming Up!
Posted: Friday January 23, 2015 11:36 am

We're in rehearsals now for our annual free community show at the Greenhill Gallery on Friday evening, March 6 at 7:00 pm. At the Cultural Arts Center downtown, it's part of Greensboro's monthly First Friday events-- three brief dances making for a short and easy concert appropriate for all ages.

I am making a new dance to music by contemporary composer Jon Anderson. It's a quartet and will be danced by Virginia Freeman Dupont, Anne Morris, Amanda Smith, and newcomer Hope Wolfe. We'll also show a 1989 work with music by the Turtle Island String Quartet, brought back to life by company veterans Virginia Dupont, Laura McDuffee, Melissa Pihos, and Kelly Swindell.

We've invited E.E. Balcos to share the evening with us and he will be performing a short structured improvisational piece. All these dances are designed for the roomy Greenhill space, with the audience seated on all four sides. It is always fun and inspiring to hear a little bit about the dances and to be so close to the performers. Free and short-- what could be better?

Music, video and dance collaboration
Posted: Wednesday October 22, 2014 6:04 pm

On November 1 at 7:30 pm in the UNCG Music Recital Hall, Virginia Dupont Freeman and Christine Bowen Stevens danced in performance with video by Michael Frierson, and music by Stacy Garrop, played on a concert by the Red Clay Saxophone Quartet.

I made a short dance, choosing movements that spoke of observing and responding to human interaction with nature. The movements portrayed a relationship between the two dancers and were limited to tight spatial restrictions. Michael captured the dance on video in a number of different ways--close up, full body, from different angles, etc. In editing, he rearranged it to suit the found footage in the background. The completed video is really a jointly made piece of work, combining his ideas with mine. The live music added another strong element, creating an interesting and complex collaboration -- better than we'd dared hope!

check this out
Posted: Friday October 17, 2014 1:42 pm

It looks as though this is actually going to happen! I wanted to do something really meaningful with money my dad left me--

$1 million pledged for small venue

And then Tom Philion and I actually went in front of the City Council:

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 by Joe Killian:
News and notes from Tuesday’s Greensboro City Council meeting:
•The council voted 9-0 to approve a resolution supporting a new community performance, rehearsal, event and theater space in the Cultural Arts Center. Janet Van Dyke, the founder of the Dance Project, has pledged $1 million to create the space. After the vote, the council gave Van Dyke a standing ovation.

Janet? Even so, the standing ovation was a real thrill---

Residence at Appalachian State University
Posted: Thursday October 9, 2014 9:49 am

From November 9-16, I spent a week teaching and setting ROUND DANCE at Appalachian State University. ROUND DANCE is a 1985 work originally commissioned by what was then the Laban Centre in London. Since its premiere, the work has proved very successful with audiences and has been shown across the country and internationally, in London, Nebraska, Baltimore, Ohio, and North Carolina, among others. In Boone, the dancers were fierce and strong.

whirlwind tour
Posted: Thursday October 9, 2014 9:35 am

We are just back from a week in Vermont-- 3 performances in 3 different cities. I was invited by a couple of UNCG alums -- Paul Besaw and Christal who both run dance programs in that state (UVM and Middlebury) to join them with a touring concert, I got 2 dances together and we made an interesting program to perform in three different spaces.

We had a wonderful time touring around to Burlington, Middlebury and Montpelier, with full houses and enthusiastic crowds. Here is a link to a short article about the shows.


Dance Project says...
Posted: Friday August 8, 2014 1:14 pm

We did it!
Posted: Friday August 1, 2014 8:31 pm

We are SO PROUD to announce that we reached our goal of $10,000 with your help! This means that we will get the matching $10,000, for a total of $20,000! We cannot thank you enough for your support--financial support, moral support, emotional support, you name it. We are humbled by your generosity and your love of the Greensboro and NC dance community. Thank you!!!

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