Make A Donation

Make A Donation

Our goal is to serve Greensboro, the dance community and dance audiences throughout North Carolina and we can't do it without your help. Through the NC Dance Festival, the School at City Arts, and the Van Dyke Dance Group (VDDG), we perform and teach statewide on college campuses, in high schools, community centers, and in our own studios in downtown Greensboro. With your encouragement, we are confident we will be able to maintain the vision these projects demand.

  • $500 pays one North Carolina choreographer to perform at one Festival location.

  • $400 provides new costumes for four VDDG dancers.

  • $225 provides funding for a Festival choreographer to show work in a public school mini-concert.

  • $100 provides a one-semester scholarship for child to study dance.

  • $60 pays a teacher's salary for two classes at the School at City Arts.

  • $30 pays a VDDG dancer for three hours of rehearsals.

  • Anything at all will help.

Another great way to support the work we are doing in the community is to donate to one of our power2give.org projects.  power2give.org connects donors with projects they are passionate about.  Dance Project posts specific projects for the NC Dance Festival, the School at City Arts, and the Van Dyke Dance Group.

Visit our project page to check out our activities.

Major financial support for Dance Project's artistic and educational programming is provided by:

  Arts Greensboro

For: Dance Project's professional performance
season and outreach

  North Carolina Arts Council

For: NCDF Statewide performances.

  Lincoln Financial Foundation

for: NCDF and Dance Project outreach activities.

Dance Project Donors



Stuart Van Dyke/VanGuard Foundation
Arts Greensboro
NC Arts Council
Lincoln Financial Foundation
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Ira Trollinger
Karen and Kelly Morris
Christiana Anthony
Eleanor Shaffner-Mosh


John and Jennie Morris
Jerry Varner
Salem College
Elon University


Alyson Colwell-Waber
Charles Hicks & Shawn Bowman-Hicks
Jacky Miller & Phil Atkins
Margaret Robinson
Sue Stinson
Brenda Daniels
Louise Joyner
Kent and Mary Logan
Roger and Rita Lane
Mitch Fore
Cara Hagan
Carolina Dancewear
Penny Whiteheart
Kelly Swindell
Melissa Craig
Cynthia Rayburn
John Robins
Robert Kelly
Jane Harris
Gay Cheney
Katherine Barrett
Louise Joyner
Leigh Dillard
Tina Yarborough Liggins
Louis and Heather Fullagar
John Robins
Mark Gabriel
Kellie Melinda
Burlington Academy of Dance & Arts
Mack and Mack


Peter terHorst
Jane Sugarman
Janet Lilly
Donna Gates
Kindal K. Blattner-Buterin
Valerie Midgett
Shirley B. Fly
Michiko Stavert
Lindsey Kelley
Ronald and Angela Barker
Bob and Cynthia Nutt
Deborah Mitchum
Carolyn Morazan
Gerrie Houlihan
Julie Peeples
Mary Young
Neal Persinger
Pete and Sarah Smith
Steve Clarke
Allen Morris
Whitney Palazzi
Peggy Markham
Jodi Staley
Justin Tornow
Peter Sangimino
Brandon Harris
Sarah Hillenbrand


Allyson Bogie
Audrey Baran
Autumn Mist Belk
Brianna Taylor
Brita Zitin
Britta Gustafson
Christina Artis
Christina Soriano
Cynthia Burgess
Darryl Beatty
Diego Carrasco Schoch
Emily Daughtridge
Evelyn Young
Helen Simoneau
Ilene Fisher
Jill Green
Joshua Diorio
Julia Kanakanui
Karen Scott
Linda Carroll
Lisa Frankel
Marcus White
Maria Elena Meza Avina
MariaClaudia Rodriguez
Melissa Steffens
Michele Trumble
Ragen Carlile
Renay Aumilller
S.G. Vincent
Sarah Jean Sparks
Teachout Family
Valarie Bailey
Virginia Dupont
Wendy Fiddler
William Demull