Make A Donation

Make A Donation

Our goal is to serve Greensboro, the dance community and dance audiences throughout North Carolina and we can't do it without your help. Through the NC Dance Festival, the School at City Arts, and the Van Dyke Dance Group (VDDG), we perform and teach statewide on college campuses, in high schools, community centers, and in our own studios in downtown Greensboro. With your encouragement, we are confident we will be able to maintain the vision these projects demand.

  • $500 pays one North Carolina choreographer to perform at one Festival location.

  • $400 provides new costumes for four VDDG dancers.

  • $225 provides funding for a Festival choreographer to show work in a public school mini-concert.

  • $100 provides a one-semester scholarship for child to study dance.

  • $60 pays a teacher's salary for two classes at the School at City Arts.

  • $30 pays a VDDG dancer for three hours of rehearsals.

  • Anything at all will help.

Another great way to support the work we are doing in the community is to donate to one of our power2give.org projects.  power2give.org connects donors with projects they are passionate about.  Dance Project posts specific projects for the NC Dance Festival, the School at City Arts, and the Van Dyke Dance Group.

Visit our project page to check out our activities.

Dance Project Donors



Stuart Van Dyke/VanGuard Foundation
Arts Greensboro/United Arts Council
NC Arts Council
Lincoln Financial Foundation


Charlie and Carolyn Morazan


Shawn Bowman-Hicks
Brenda Daniels
Roger and Rita Lane
Peggy Markham
Jacky Miller and Phil Atkins
Altina Layman
Kellie Melinda
Mark Wilkinson


Carl and Jaimie Ashby
Ken Caneva and Jane Sugarman
Steve Clarke
Karla Coghill
Shirley Fly
Jill Green
Janet Lilly and James Steele
David Perrin
Sue Stinson
Leigh Dillard
Janet Lilly and James Steele
Valerie Midgett
Lee Stringfellow/Prive Salon


Natalie Marrone
Sarah Smith
Sarah Vincent
Amanda Diorio
Art Waber and Alyson Colwell-Waber