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About the Dance Project

Dance Project is a festival, a school, a dance company, and a community resource fueled by a passion for excellence in dance.

The NC Dance Festival fosters statewide artistic collaboration and showcases the best in North Carolina dance. We offer outreach classes in every community the Festival visits.

Our School at City Arts offers accessible, quality instruction, igniting a passion for dance.

The Van Dyke Dance Group sets the standard for professionalism in choreography and performance.

Dance Projectís mission is to cultivate the field of modern dance in North Carolina, nurturing a community of artists, audiences, and students by providing opportunities for training, performance, collaboration, and employment.

Join Dance Projectís Board of Directors

Dance Project seeks energetic individuals interested in serving on its volunteer Board of Directors. Service on the board is a serious commitment but offers a rewarding experience in professional and community arts for those serving. Board members must be able to regularly participate and contribute to the Dance Project business by:

  • Supporting and promoting the Dance Projectís mission.
  • Actively participating in the Dance Projectís strategic plan.
  • Participating in scheduled, in-person Dance Project meetings, typically held monthly.
  • Representing the Dance Project in a professional manner.
  • Initiating and participating in fundraising activities.

Interested candidates may contact the Dance Project office at 336-373-2727 or school@danceproject.org. Anne Morris or Lauren Trollinger will be in contact with you

2015-2016 Board of Directors
Meagan Jolliffe Sergent, President
Laverne Bass
Melissa Pihos
Kelly Swindell
Ira Robert Trolllinger
Alex Smith
E.E. Balcos
Cara Hagan